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"PPS helped me replace the power supply on my Cynosure medical laser.

I was impressed by how quickly they were able effictively service my account.

They provide excellent customer service at a compettive price.  I would highly reccomend their company to any provider."

Bryan Chen, MD




Save money on Laser Repair!

Candela, Palomar, Cynosure, Alma, Candela, Syneron, Cutera, Lumenis and many more.

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Our Service Center protocols prior to resale:

1. Immediately upon receipt of your system, a thorough inspection is performed.  We confirm that all necessary factory "OEM parts" are accounted for and there are no modifications to the device. 

2. A thorough inspection of all electrical components is performed. All boards, circuits, transformers, and components are checked with independent testing equipment to verify that everything is performing properly.

3. All water filters and air filters are cleaned, and or replaced, if disposable. The machine is operated to ensure that there are no leaks and all filters are properly in place and connected properly.

4. A thorough inspection of the cooling system is performed and all liquid is drained from the device and re-filled with the proper mixture.  We use only the purest water and alcohol (when required) available when re-filling each device.

5. The device is filled and all air is extracted, the device is operated and fluids are balanced until the device is operating to specification without any air or fluid loss.

6. A thorough inspection of the software and operating system is evaluated. If available, current software updates are performed and the device is operated and re-tested.

7. A thorough inspection of the power supply is performed. The device is operated for a sufficient period of time in order to evaluate the power supply with external meters and testing equipment.

8. All external hand-pieces and/or connected hand-pieces, are thoroughly inspected and tested using external power meters. Each item is tested individually to verify that they are performing to specification. Additionally, any optics or lenses are evaluated and replaced if necessary to ensure that the system is operating at optimal performance.

9. The system is again tested using external testing equipment. Our technicians evaluate the internal calibration numbers in comparison to the external calibration numbers to ensure proper calibration and operating to manufacturer’s specification.

10. The device is re-assembled and all accessories are tested and inspected for fit, finish, and functionality.  The packaging list is generated and forwarded to our client. All necessary components to assure a perfect delivery are organized and packaged to accompany the device. Protective eyewear and all applicable manuals, protocols, and or marketing materials are packaged with the accessories. The device is then shrink wrapped and placed into inventory or custom packaged for delivery.