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"PPS, thank you for all your expert help in assisting us.  There are so many choices on the marketplace, but in the end we chose your premium line of lasers [Quanta].

Our Quanta Light 4v met all of our expectations and more, as well as PPS industry knowledge, and excellent customer service. 

I would highly reccomend Quanta Lasers, and starting your search with PPS Sales Consultant."

Michael Feddersen, DO


For Aesthetic Providers:

PPS distributes an array of newly manufactured devices and surgical equipment.  For more information on all of our product lines, we encourage you to speak to one of our sales consultants, or click on our premium aesthetic brand below:

Click Here For Quanta Lasers

For Manufacturers / Suppliers:

If you are a manufacturer, and are interested in partnering with PPS to distribute your product line in the USA, please feel free to contact us.