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Pre-Owned Laser Sales


"PPS did a great job helping me acquire a pre-owned Lumenis Encore CO2 laser for use in my ambulatory surgery center. 

They stood by their word, and met all their terms in delivering a fully functional and reliable device. 

I would highly reccomend their services.

John Hilinski, MD

Plastic Surgeon



Every laser that we sign off on to be sold, passes through a team of biomedical engineers, which adhere to our Certified Service Protocols

Additionally, because your safety is our primary concern, we assure that every laser meets American National Standards Institute (ANSI) laser safety standards – the most comprehensive and widely accepted safety protocols in the industry.

Why do we go through so much trouble to give you the best aesthetic laser sales experience possible? Because we view our customers as long-term partners – partners who deserve the highest quality products, the best service, and the most accurate information available.

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